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Overview of the Undergraduate Major

Our major offers an unusual opportunity to examine the changing historical content of the sciences, technology, and medicine, as well as their interaction with the surrounding culture, using the methods of the humanities and social sciences. The goal is to introduce students to the sciences both as ways of knowing and as multifaceted and changing cultural phenomena. In addition to developing a broad historical understanding of science, technology, and medicine, and their place in world culture, students who complete the major will also develop their skills of critical reading and writing, learning to assess and use historical data to present their own interpretive arguments.

The major offers excellent training to students who seek an intellectually stimulating education across both humanities and sciences. It provides special opportunities for students seeking careers in medicine and allied health professions and other fields (such as law, journalism, education, library science, or government service) for which a critical understanding of science and its role in society will open up specialized career tracks. It is also admirably suited to the small number of students who intend to pursue a graduate education in the history of science, medicine, and technology.

Joint Major in History and History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

The joint major is administered jointly by the History Department and the Department of History of Science, and is more fully described in the section on the Joint Major in History and History of Science, Medicine, and Technology in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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