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Requirements of the Undergraduate Major

To be accepted as a major in history of science, medicine, and technology, the student must register with undergraduate advisor Professor Thomas H. Broman; to make an appointment email him at or call 608-263-1562.

History of Science and Medical History courses above the elementary level count toward the 15 credits of upper-level work in the major.

The Department of History of Science certifies the expository English proficiency of any of its students who have completed a major in the department. This certification will be noted automatically on the student's record by the Office of Degree Summaries upon completion of the requirement.

Credits in the Major

The major requires a minimum of 30 credits, to include at least 24 credits in history of science, medicine, and technology, and 6 credits in science or mathematics above the elementary level (not to include mathematics courses numbered 223 and below).

One 3-credit course toward the 24-credit minimum may be chosen from approved courses in related disciplines; these courses include Philosophy 519, 520, 521, 523, 558; Sociology 531, 637. Other substitutions may be allowed at the discretion of the undergraduate adviser.

Integrated Liberal Studies 201 or 202 may be used in place of History of Science 201 or 202 to count toward the major requirements; Integrated Liberal Studies 271 may be used as a regular History of Science course.

All majors are required to take History of Science 555, the department's capstone seminar, in the junior or senior year.

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