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Dana A. Freiburger

Entered the program in 2000, 2005

C.V.:Dana A. Freiburger's C.V.
Dana A. Freiburger


Dana enjoys broad interests in history of science and technology situated in the United States and Japan during the last two centuries. His dissertation involves a national-level examination of American Catholic science education in the nineteenth century. Further interests include the use and impact of scientific instruments on the physical sciences in Japan during the Meiji and Taishō periods. Since January 2000, Dana has worked as the Illustrations Editor for the History of Cartography Project.


M.E., Technical Japanese, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005

M.A., History of Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002

M.Sc., History of Science: Instruments, Museums, Science, University of Oxford, 1999

M.S., Engineering Management, Santa Clara University, 1994

B.S., Computer Science, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, 1979


Working title: The Place of Science in Nineteenth-Century American Catholic Higher Education. Advisor: Ronald L. Numbers

MA Paper:

Title: “We shall be able to beat those yattya hottya [pompous] people” - Building a Japanese Research Tradition in Physics: Hantarō Nagaoka and the Spectroscope. Advisor: Richard Staley. (completed 2002)

Prelim Fields:

American Science (advisor: Ronald L. Numbers)

Modern Science (advisor: Richard Staley)

History of Technology (advisor: Eric Schatzberg)

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