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Vicki Fama Daniel

Entered the program in 2010

C.V.:Vicki Fama Daniel's C.V.
Vicki Fama Daniel


My research focuses on the medical and sociocultural history of the dead body and its display in nineteenth- and twentieth-century America. I am interested in exploring the contexts in which bodies come to be made as specimens, how notions of identity and celebrity alter the meanings of specimens, and the visual culture of looking at the dead. My work moves beyond the specimen as a scientific object by investigating a wide range of display localities and technologies. I also hope to complicate the notion of spectacle in association with the display of bodies by considering various types of viewing contexts for the dead.


M.A., History of Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012

M.A., Art History, University of Virginia-Charlottesville, 2005

B.A., History; Art History minor, University of California Santa Barbara, 2002


Working title: Death on Display: The Temporary Morgue in the United States, 1865-1918. Advisor: Judy Houck

MA Paper:

Title: ‘To come and behold what war, disease, and death had wrought’: Violence, Science, and Spectacle at the United States Army Medical Museum, 1865-1888. Advisor: Judy Houck. (completed 2012)

Prelim Fields:

History of the Body (advisor: Judy Houck)

History of American Medicine and Public Health (advisor: Sue Lederer)

Visual Culture of American Science and Medicine (advisor: Jill Casid)

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