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Melissa Charenko

Entered the program in 2012

C.V.:Melissa Charenko's C.V.
Melissa Charenko


My dissertation explores how the methods and approaches used to understand the deep past developed in the 20th century by paleoecology, paleolimnology, and paleooceanography have given these paleodisciplines authority as prognosticators of the future in the wake of global change.


M.A., History and Philosophy of Science, University of Toronto, 2012

B. Arts Sc. (Hons.), History with a minor in French, McMaster University, 2009


Working title: 'Science of Prophecy?': The Role of Paleo-Disciplines in the Face of Anthropogenic Change, 1900-2015. Advisor: Gregg Mitman

Prelim Fields:

Ecology and Environmental History (advisor: Gregg Mitman)

History of Biology (advisor: Lynn Nyhart)

World Environmental Literature (advisor: Rob Nixon)

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