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Adam Behrman

Entered the program in 2016

C.V.:Adam Behrman's C.V.
Adam Behrman


Adam’s research interests concern the manner in which the residents of megacities created, described, and then attempted to mitigate air pollution. He is interested in analyzing how different environmental, political, economic, and cultural systems have impacted air quality in Latin American cities. At a time in which the global climate is rapidly warming, Adam hopes his research will lead to a better picture of how humanity understands its atmosphere and the most-effective mechanisms by which societies can bring about positive change. In his spare time Adam enjoys hiking, camping, tennis, swimming, observing the weather, and spending time with his family.


M.A., History, Boise State University, 2016

B.A., History, Boise State University, 2014

B.S., Atmospheric Sciences, Ohio State University, 2004

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