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Faculty @ History of Science

Thomas H. Broman, Professor, History of Science
Thomas H. Broman Interests: Science and medicine in the
 Enlightenment; the role of science
 in the public sphere; 18th-century
 German intellectual and cultural
Phone:(608) 263-1562
Office:Room 230, Bradley Memorial Building

Pablo F. Gómez, Assistant Professor
Pablo F. Gómez Interests: History of Medicine and Science in
 the Atlantic World; History of
 Medicine and Science in Latin
 America; History of Medicine and
 Science and the African Diaspora;
 Early modern corporeal
 epistemologies; Race and medicine.
Phone:(608) 262-3414
Office:Room 1440, Medical Sciences Center

Judith A. Houck, Evjue Bascom Professor in Gender and Women’s Studies
Judith A. Houck Interests: History of women's health, American
 medicine, medicine and sexuality,
 race and medicine, science and
Phone:(608) 263-6287
Office:Room 1419, Medical Sciences Center

Florence C. Hsia, Professor, History of Science (Department Chair) & Integrated Liberal Studies
Florence C. Hsia Interests: The Scientific Revolution, Jesuit
 science, science and religion, and
 science and European expansion in
 the early modern era.
Phone:(608) 262-3971
Office:Room 229, Bradley Memorial Building

Catherine M. Jackson, Assistant Professor, History of Science; Chemistry Department Affiliate; Member of Core Faculty of the Material Culture Program; Faculty in the Integrated Liberal Studies Program
Catherine M. Jackson Interests: history of chemistry; history of
 modern physical sciences; history of
 medicine and life sciences,
 especially as they intersect with
 history of chemistry; science and
 imperialism; studies of scientific
 practice and pedagogy;
 instrumentation and material
 culture; practice and theory.
Phone:(608) 890-4412
Office:Room 333, Bradley Memorial Building

Richard C. Keller, Professor
Richard C. Keller Interests: History of European and colonial
 medicine and public health, history
 of psychiatry and psychoanalysis,
 history of the human sciences,
 science and race.
Phone:(608) 263-7378
Office:Room 1423, Medical Sciences Center

Susan E. Lederer, Robert Turell Professor of Medical History and Bioethics, Chair
Susan E. Lederer Interests: Medicine and society in
 twentieth-century America; race,
 medicine, and public health;
 medicine and popular culture;
 research ethics; and history of
 medical ethics.
Phone:(608) 262-4195
Office:Room 1420, Medical Sciences Center

Gregg Mitman, Vilas Research and William Coleman Professor of History of Science, Medical History, and Environmental Studies
Gregg Mitman Interests: History of ecology; environment and
 health, 20th century life sciences;
 science in America; science and film.
Phone:(608) 262-9140
Office:Room 1415, Medical Science Center

Nicole C. Nelson, Assistant Professor
Nicole C. Nelson Interests: History of the recent life sciences,
 especially genetics; biology and
 society; science and technology
 studies; science and law; laboratory
 studies and scientific practice;
 ethnography and oral history.
Phone:(608) 262-3492
Office:Room 207, Bradley Memorial Building

Lynn K. Nyhart, Vilas-Bablitch-Kelch Distinguished Achievement Professor, History of Science
Lynn K. Nyhart Interests: History of biology, especially
 natural history and evolution,
 anatomy and physiology, ecology, and
 marine science; biology and society;
 history of relations between elite
 and popular science.
Phone:(608) 262-3978
Office:Room 226, Bradley Memorial Building

Robin E. Rider, Curator of Special Collections and Department Head, UW Memorial Library; Senior Lecturer, History of Science
Robin E. Rider Interests: Early modern science; printing and
 publishing of science; history of
Phone:(608) 262-2809 / 608-262-3243
Office:990 Memorial Library, Special Collections

Eric Schatzberg, Professor, History of Science. Director, Robert F. & Jean E. Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies
Eric Schatzberg Interests: History of technology, technology
 and culture, science and technology
 in the postwar era.
Phone:(608) 262-3973
Office:Room 224, Bradley Memorial Building

Affiliated Faculty @ History of Science

Greg Downey, Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication Professor and School of Library & Information Studies
Greg Downey Interests: My research attempts to uncover and
 analyze information labor over time
 and space.
Phone:(608) 695-4310

Sarah K.A. Pfatteicher, Research Professor; Senior Assistant Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Sarah K.A. Pfatteicher Interests: Undergraduate curriculum development
 and policy, enhancing student
 learning and retention, engineering
 education, and the history of ethics
 and professionalism in engineering,
 particularly related to engineering
 disaster response.
Phone:(608) 262-3003
Office:116 Agricultural Hall

John L. Rudolph, Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
John L. Rudolph Interests: Science Education, History of
 American Science Education, History
 and Philosophy of Science in Science
Phone:(608) 265-3431
Office:226D Teacher Education

Emeritus Faculty @ History of Science

Victor L. Hilts, Professor Emeritus, History of Science
Victor L. Hilts Interests: The history of the social and
 behavioral sciences.
Phone:(608) 262-8476
Office:Room 227, Bradley Memorial Building

Judith W. Leavitt, Rupple Bascom and Ruth Bleier Professor Emerita
Judith W. Leavitt Interests: History of medicine and public
 health in America; women and
Phone:(608) 263-4560
Office:Room 1410, Medical Sciences Center

John Neu, Bibliographer, Special Collections, University Library
John Neu Interests: Bibliography of the History of

Ronald L. Numbers, Hilldale Professor of the History of Science and Medicine Emeritus
Ronald L. Numbers Interests: American science and medicine;
 science and religion.
Phone:(608) 262-3701 and (608) 262-1460
Office:Room 1432, Medical Sciences Center

Michael H. Shank, Professor Emeritus
Michael H. Shank Interests: Broad interests in the physical
 sciences (and their analogues and
 contexts) before 1700. Primary
 research interests focus on late
 medieval natural philosophy and
 astronomy, with special attention to
 the Viennese tradition and most
 specifically, of late, the work of
 Johannes Regiomontanus. Additional
 related interests: science and the
 medieval university, science and
 early printing, and Piero della
Phone:(608) 262-3972
Office:Room 326, Bradley Memorial Building

Daniel M. Siegel, Professor Emeritus
Daniel M. Siegel Interests: Physics and related disciplines in
 the 19th & 20th centuries.

Glenn A. Sonnedecker, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacy
Glenn A. Sonnedecker Interests: Pharmacy and materia medica.

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