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Dissertations in Progress/Completed

Dissertations in Progress

Melissa Charenko, "‘Science of Prophecy?’: The Role of Paleo-Disciplines in the Face of Anthropogenic Change, 1900-2015." Advisor: Gregg Mitman.

Bridget Collins, "From Cradle to Grave: Infectious Disease in the 20th-Century American Home." Advisors: Judith Walzer Leavitt and Susan Lederer.

Vicki Fama Daniel, "Death on Display: The Temporary Morgue in the United States, 1865-1918." Advisor: Judy Houck.

Dana Freiburger, "The Place of Science in Nineteenth-Century American Catholic Higher Education." Advisor: Ronald Numbers.

Molly Laas, "Nutrition as a Social Question, 1830s-1890s." Advisor: Susan E. Lederer.

Scott Prinster, "Reading the Bible Scientifically: Science and the Rise of Modern Biblical Criticism in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century America." Advisor: Ronald Numbers.

Recently Completed Dissertations

(click → here ← for a PDF document listing all completed dissertations since 1952)

Scott Trigg, "From Samarqand to Istanbul: Astronomy and Scientific Education in the commentaries of Fatḥallāh al-Shirwānī." Advisors: Michael Shank and Michael Chamberlain (History). (2016)

Daniel Liu, "Visions of Life and Matter: Protoplasm, Scientific Microscopy, and the Origins of Molecular Biology, 1839-1941." Advisor: Lynn Nyhart. (2016)

Lynnette Regouby, "Sensitive Plant: The Physics of Botany in Eighteenth-century France." Advisors: Florence Hsia (2015)

Meridith Beck Sayre, "The Process of Conversion: A Biography of the Jesuit Relations." Advisor: Florence Hsia. (2014)

Kathleen M. Robinson, "The Fat Acceptance Movement: Contesting Fatness as Illness, 1969-1998." Advisor: Susan E. Lederer. (2014)

Anna Zeide, "In Cans We Trust: Food, Consumers, and Scientific Expertise in Twentieth-Century America." Advisor: Gregg Mitman. (2014)

G. Blair Nelson, "‘One Blood:’ Ethnology in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Science and the Popular Religious Press." Advisor: Ronald Numbers. (2013)

Peter J. Susalla, "The Last Dim Horizon: Scientific Cosmology in Twentieth-century America." Advisor: Richard Staley. (2013)

Bradley Moore, "Healthy Comrades: Czechoslovak Hygiene Services and the Pursuit of a Communist Modernity, 1948-1958." Advisors: Richard Keller and David M. McDonald (History) (2013)

Andrew Stuhl, "Empires on Ice: Science, Nature, and the Making of the Arctic." Advisor: Gregg Mitman. (2013)

Megan Raby, "Making Biology Tropical: American Science in the Caribbean, 1898-1963." Advisor: Gregg Mitman. (2012)

Amrys O. Williams, "Cultivating Modern America: 4-H Clubs and Rural Development in the Twentieth Century." Advisor: Gregg Mitman. (2012)

Judith R. H. Kaplan, "Language Science and Orientalism in Imperial Germany." Advisor: Lynn Nyhart. (2012)

Kellen Backer, "World War II and the Triumph of Industrialized Food." Advisors: Eric Schatzberg and Susan Johnson (History). (2012)

Mitch Aso, "Forests without birds: A history of ecology and health on the rubber plantations of French colonial Vietnam, 1858-1954." Advisors: Gregg Mitman and Richard Keller. (2011)

Andrew R. Ruis, "Eating To Learn, Learning To Eat: School Meals And Nutrition Policy in the United States, 1900-1946." Advisor: Judith Walzer Leavitt. (2011)

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